Dallas Rally

  • We are calling this rally of blackness together to BLACKOUT THE SYSTEMS OF OPPRESSION AGAINST THE BLACK COMMUNITY. Stand up against systemic oppression and racism by demanding equality of justice for minorities and victims of police brutality. Demanding reparations for minorities. Demand a change within a system that was built off of OUR backs!
    For example, last Sunday the KKK and Back The Blue decided to intimidate Friendship West Church with an unannounced rally, not only that but DPD escorted them onto the premises. The system, KKK, & DPD worked hand & hand to come against our very own. As a community, we will not stand for that.
    These systems of oppression are more than just the police, they are your government when they decide our neighborhoods are less important so they decide to improperly fund our community; they are your children’s schools when they do not supply them with proper books or grant teachers with proper salaries which results in many teachers not caring to teach them; they are your housing regulations; they are your voting zones. We must show up as a United front & show solidarity that they CANNOT & WILL NOT oppress US anymore!
    If you’re ready to be apart of that change to te

  • ar down these oppressive systems then join us August 9th at 3:00pm at the Main Street Garden park in downtown Dallas as we blackout the system; have your voice be heard.

    Next Generation Action Network, Dajai Monae
    Date of Event:
    Sunday, 16 August, 2020
    Time of Event:
    3 PM – 6 PM CDT
    Main Street Garden Park, 1950 Main St, Dallas Texas
    Dallas, Texas
    #Election#Protest#Internet#Rally#2020# Biden#BlacklivesMatter#BlackInfoNetwork

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