Marion County Sheriff Billy Woods Bans Law Enforcement From Wearing Mask And Wants A Ban For Citizens .

A Florida sheriff banished agents from wearing mask in most work settings, specialists said Wednesday, even as the state keeps on battling with record-breaking coronavirus numbers.

Marion County Sheriff Billy Woods demanded there's no indisputable proof that wearing covers checks the spread of the infection — in spite of unequivocal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) rules saying only that.

The division, the second greatest policing office in Marion County, has no approach expressly ordering or excepting veil use by representatives — however it "empowers" officials and non military personnel laborers to wear facial covers, an OPD representative said Wednesday.

Sheriff Woods' order cuts out a bunch of settings where veils would be required, for example, at emergency clinics, nursing homes, courts, schools, prisons or a COVID-19 "address alert from dispatch."

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